National Youth Gathering- Mielke Family

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Did you know an entire family from St. John will be attending this year's National Youth Gathering?

The Mielke family has 5 people attending the gathering with our group, and their oldest son, Fletcher, will be volunteering as a Young Adult.

Here how the Youth Gathering has made an impact on them:

Mariah, a Senior and 2nd time attender says: "I want to go to NYG because last time I went, I had a great time. I grew in so many relationships, gaining new friends and new connections. After seeing thousands of people who are your age, that believe the same thing you do, it changes you. NYG allows you to connect to people that are like you and grow in your faith and knowledge with God. I want to feel the “Holy Spirit goosebumps” all over again and have fun with my family and friends."


Hannah, also a Senior and 2nd time attender writes: "I want to go to NYG because it is a great way to come closer to God and it's a great event to get to know people. I am looking forward to creating better relationships with the people around me. I hope to become closer to God and have a great time during that week."


Paige, a Freshmen and 1st time attender has this to say: "I want to go to NYG because I have heard many life changing stories about it. My siblings have gone and my parents have gone and I always get the chance to hear some really cool stories. I hope that when I go I can be moved the same way that my family was touched and hopefully I can help touch other peoples lives as well."


Matthew, an adult leader and 3rd time attender writes: "Why I said yes?: I have been given the opportunity to attend NYG both as a youth and as an adult leader.  With that vantage point, I believe my faith was impacted in a new and deeper way as I attended as an adult.  It is so reassuring to see the Spirit work in the lives of 25,000 young people at the same time and in the same place.  These moments are rare when we are allowed to see the work of the Spirit on such a large level, and it's inspiring to witness.   And to see Him working in young peoples lives gives me encouragement for the church on earth.  This is such an amazing ministry, especially at such a pivotal time of young peoples lives where they are so easily influenced.  In a time where most of the noise in their life is not encouraging in their walk of faith, NYG gives them a chance to be in the presence of the Lord and look around at the 25,000 other youth, and say, "knowing and loving God is normal".  As a result, hopefully, their desire to grow in their relationship with Him is increased."

Heidi, an adult leader and a 6 time attender says: "I have attended NYG as both an adult and a youth. Obviously, it has made a huge impact on me. 3 years ago, I was able to not only go as an adult, but as a parent of youth that were experiencing the gathering. It is an indescribable event to watch all of these youth, that are also friends, grow in the walk with God, ask tough questions about their faith, and form lasting Christian relationships. I am honored and privileged to experience this event again with 3 of my children, my husband, 6 other amazing adults that are willing to hang with 37 youth for an entire week. We as a family, are thankful to St. John and all of their support to the youth at St. John. It makes more of an impact than you will ever know."



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